Tweak Sun MP-10BPWF

A beautiful Moroccan Pattern Light Fixture in Copper or Nickle Silver metal will reflected on your walls, using to lighting a garden or bad room will give a typically oriental original charm.

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This flush mounted light fixture is dressed in an antique with geometric patterns, is hand pierced from sheet metal to give the bold floral motifs across the body of the fitting. When lit, long rays of light extend out onto the wall. it is will be perfect on the walls of any living room, it is entirely made of copper and has been hand chiselled by our craftsmen, design inspired by islamic architecture art.
Once the light is turned on, these beautiful patterns will reflected and it can be used effectively either as ceiling lights or as wall lights. The Tweak Sun form of this object permits light to shine out from both the top and the bottom, augmenting the light given with efficient but soft, this lighting gives a touch of refined fantasy to the walls of your home.

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