Royal Dorp MP-16BMLS

The Royal Brass Light Hanging Roof Water Drop shaped Engraved Design

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This is one of the best light hanging roof presents for ARTYLUXE Made in Morocco in Marrakech, this beautiful style luminaire will ensure perfect lighting and an original design for your interior. Our range of the pendants are hand built from solid sheets of copper , each are hand stenciled by our team of craftsmen and each in turn has the pattern cut with a fine jewellers saw and patterns craved onto the brass. The sheets are then forged together to create the seamless, circular body. It is then treated with an antiqued finish giving the lit its aged characteristic.
Once lit, the pendants body is illuminated and brings out the pattern work within the light. Surrounding walls are adorned with both warm light and stunning floral motifs.

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Weight 4.4 lbs

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