Pitcher Engraved in yellow with his Cup

The traditional Moroccan Ceramic Pitcher Engraved in yellow with his Cup, hand-painted and multicolored geometric arabesque style.

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his very unique and useful ceramic Pitcher Engraved in yellow with his Cup, this type is authentic hand made and painted by Moroccan artisans in Fes city, Morocco. You will love them. Fes city is known as one of the centers for this art and utilizes red clay to create the ceramic pottery dried it in the sun then baked in kilns. This piece it work exceptionally well for water only, is easily handwash and no harm to health and It does not contain lead or cadmium. Whether you use them in your kitchen or display them in your dining or living room Moroccan Pitcher will add fantastic colors and style to your interiors.

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Weight 12 lbs

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