Moorish Tagine CP-03ST

Moroccan Contemporary White Moorish Serving Tagine Classic Design

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This a Morocco hand-made Tagine for service only. The Moroccan White Moorish Serving Tagines gets more and more popular , These use to serve their final dishes on tables in the cooking community. These Tagines are made of thick and large clay, allowing the food to stay warm throughout your meal. It is glazed, engraved and colored on the outside of the lid and the underside part. The surface that touches the food is also glazed to prevent staining and any flavor transfer. Ideal for your holiday and makes you enjoy your meal and you can add a new dimension to your servewar with a traditional Moroccan serving tagine . -Safe for food 100% and it does not contain harmful substances to lead, health and cadmium free. Hand-wash Only.

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