Egg Lamp MP-80BPLS

A Moroccan Style Brass Lamp Shade Egg shaped Pierced and Engraved

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This is another beautiful style of moroccan pierced and engraved brass Lampshade Egg shaped it will give you a warm and pleasant atmosphere and will seduce you with its refined and original design, its a handmade by brass metal a material that is both noble and robust. It’s a beautiful traditional Moroccan Brass Lamp lighting exclusively designed to enhance the quality of your home décor.
This Moroccan style lamp is a ideal lighting for your living room with a romantic ambience, can be illuminates your interior with elegance, and will be a magical place thanks to your lampshade that will reflect its patterns on the walls, cause of the perforations made rigorously in the copper let a softened light with a effect of shadows escape for a most decorative lighting. Its curved shape is magnified by original motifs engraved in brass .
You can place it in your living room on a chest of drawers or in your bedroom on your bedside table.

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